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Thomas Fitzgerald, Co. Wexford, Ireland: I wrote the following poem after the death of Pope John Paul II, as I felt moved to commemorate this great and wise man, and, that regardless of whether there is or isn't an afterlife as he would have believed, I think he lives somewhere in the image of an afterlife as he saw it and where his legion of followers would like him to be:

One man alone stands here in faith,
This man alone at Heaven's gate,
Peter said, "We're expecting you, sir",
But this man stood still and did not stir.

"What in heaven's the matter?" did old Peter ask,
"Can you not permit to do this task?"
"I will not walk that threshold there,
I'm not finished, this cannot be fair."

"Come now fellow, 'tis time to rest,
You've passed our Lord's most ghastly test."
"What test is that? I ask you, Saint,
Speak slowly now, for I might faint."

"He alone will tell you that,
Step up here now to this mat.
Wipe thy feet and clear thy mind,
For God is waiting and He is kind."

"I beg you Peter, can you say what's not?"
"Yes I can, now here's your lot:
'Tis neither the Berlin Wall nor communism,
For those are questions which are not in Him."

"It can't be laws or roads to yield,
Or when you danced in those fields,
Those question's won't be all that late,
Now flow on through this, His gate."

"Yes, yes sir, now hold your orders",
"I'll follow those white lily borders.
Farewell, all my family and kin,
For I must sit now away from sin."



Submitted by Anonymous user on Sat, 01/08/2011 - 01:37.

Fantastic to say the least

Submitted by Catherine Fitzgerald on Sat, 09/18/2010 - 10:33.

One of the best tributes, if not the best I have ever read. Pope John Paul II would have been immensely proud, young man.

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