Is this love

Bob Marley, Jamaica

You know you're in love when ...

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"... he runs through your veins like a long black river and rattles your cage like a thunderstorm." Tamsin Chandler, London.

"You become a mother, the world stops and gravity realigns to the soul they place in your arms." Amanda Smith, England.

"To be in love is to be. For love is not solely for one being but for all things." Giles Herman.

"... you build the Taj Mahal!" Chiara, Italy.


Albert Camus, France

I know of only one duty, and that is to love.

What's in a gift?

Marlo Morgan, USA

A gift is only a gift if you give someone what they want. It is not a gift if you give what you want them to have. A gift has no attachment. It is given unconditionally. The person receiving it has the right to do anything with the gift: use it, destroy it, give it away, whatever. It is theirs without condition, and the giver expects nothing in return. If it doesn't fit that criteria, it is not a gift. It should be classified as something else.

'There Must be an Angel (Playing With My Heart)'

The Eurythmics, England

Only one

Anaïs Nin, France

The only abnormality is the incapacity to love.


Ella Fitzgerald, USA

Being in love

Fotos Antigues de Pollença

An old couple in the town of Pollença, Mallorca.

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