Patterns of Change

Simran Singh, USA

Founder & Publisher of 11:11 magazine.

(Submitted by the author)

I very much remember getting into the fashion industry at age 8, going to the markets with my parents and watching them buy garments for a high end women’s apparel boutique. It was the seventies and many of the styles had influences of Indian fabrics, layering of various lengths, and colors that are all back once again ... wheels within wheels; cycles upon cycles. In fact this is the fourth time since the seventies that those trends are being seen, each subsequent time in a slightly new way.

But, isn’t that how patterns change ... slowly and subtly? I found, for me at least, it was that way in fashion ... and in the soul journey. What is that statement ... “As much as things change, they stay the same."

'Fashion also taught me that it was not so much the trend that was important, nor the color. True fashionistas were so because of the 'details'. The woman who was truly defined as 'fashion' usually had a signature, a detail ... a special choosing of items that set her apart from the rest. In fashion, the uniqueness of one individual from another rested in the nuances that came from specific choices. However, it was very apparent that changing style, particularly color, was a series of small baby steps for most.

Stepping into a choice
The soul journey is not much different. The patterns of 'what we do' and 'how we do' become our cloak of the day. We wear it well as long as it seems to fit or until it feels old or too small. In that moment, we either slip deeper into a pattern or choose to do something differently. If we slip deeper into a pattern, we experience tiredness, boredom, depression or anxiety. If we step into a choice, we will experience ourselves in a new way.

At first, the choice may seem like a giant leap from where we had been. When further down the path, we more clearly see that we were possibly doing the same thing just in a slightly different way. We have moved but may not have moved as much as we thought. That is the beauty of the journey because we are in an endless state of self-discovery. The choice, the change was actually in the nuances. In reality, the nuances were the real milestones to be honored. Some call them “the small steps along the path." In an assessment of the nuances, we truly see the giant leaps we have taken.

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