Parvin Heydari Nassab, Iran

Islamic illuminator and calligrapher. The first female instructor at the Iran School of Calligraphy, Tehran.

(Submitted by the author)

Calligraphy is the moment in which the harsh heat of the desert, the strivings of our peoples, the thoughts and apprehensions of the Orient, the harmony of sensibility and meditation, are all made manifest on the blank page, to reveal a message of divine love and earthly beauty.

This calligraphic journey of mine has its point of departure on a road that begins at the very edge of the page and ends in a whirl of twists and turns. In itself, it can unravel the mystery inherent in the erotic plea of Persian poetry, and, by a juxtapostion of black and white, channels the words into unadulterated black, a black that contains within itself a world of contrasts, hallucinatory and secretive, to terminate in a state of absolute beauty. Patience, endurance, repetition on the battlefield in which the words take shape and form, bringing hand and mind together in a unique and harmonious tapestry, and permitting the dancing pen to flow over the white bedrock of the page with its message of life.

Calligraphy and I have always been like water flowing across the earth’s surface, coursing over plains and plants, peaks and people, bearing our message and spreading love and friendship
along the way.

Flowing like water.



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