The Most Beautiful Thing

Albert Einstein, USA

(Submitted by Julie Castello, USA)

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious - the knowledge of the existence of something unfathomable to us, the manifestation of the most profound reason coupled with the most brilliant beauty.

I cannot imagine a god that rewards and punishes the objects of his creation, or who has a will of the kind we experience in ourselves.

The Law of Time

José Argüelles, USA

(Submitted by The Art of Living Team)

It is the Law of Time that governs the entirety of the biosphere and everything else in the universe, according to principles that are known only dimly to us, principles like synchronicity and telepathic instantaneity. The Law of Time is formulated very simply, and in some people’s way of thinking, rather unscientifically as T(E)=Art, “energy factored by time equals art.”

Mapudungun: The Earth Is Speaking

Armando Marileo Lefío, Chile

(Submitted by the author)

One of the most important achievements of our ancestors was the development of a communication system wholly reliant on the languages of the earth and nature, that is, natural codes, sounds, messages and means of communication.

In the cycle of the seasons or stages of the year, messages are constantly being delivered by birds, rivers, the rain and wind, leaves, and insects such as crickets. These messages can guide our actions, to the extent to which we are able to decode them. Otherwise we remain puzzled.

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