A new home

Alberto Villoldo, Cuba

(Submitted by Eliza Schmidts, South Africa)

A man I knew lived for a time in a house that was built from a kit sold by a Sears and Roebuck’s catalogue many decades ago. It was solid, small, and practical, and it suited him for a time. But as the years went by and his circumstances changed, he outgrew the little home. Its charms were lost on him, and he longed for a house more appropriate for the life he was living and the life he wished to create.

Shamanic Dreaming

Arvick Baghramian, Armenia

(Submitted by the author)

I was brought up in a culture where people valued their dreams, and their lives were guided by them. They would look to their dreams in search of answers and would take the trouble of having their dreams interpreted for them whenever a particular dream struck them as especially significant. Whenever a person of my Armenian community in Iran was worried, sick or distressed, they would come to my mother and ask her to ‘dream for them’ in search for an answer to their problems.

The Mother of the World

Nicholas Roerich, Russia

Toward that seven-starred constellation known as the Seven Sisters, the Seven Elders or the Great Bear, the consciousness of humanity has at all times been directed. The Scriptures extol this celestial sign and Buddhism’s sacred Trepitaka dedicates an imposing hymn to it. Ancient Magi and Egyptians carved it upon the stones. And the black faith of Shaman of the wild taiga (forest) paid their obeisance to it.

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