History of The Art of Living Guide

Date Noteworthy Events
Winter 2011 The Art of Living Guide surpasses 40,000 page views!
Summer 2010 The Universal Forum of Cultures agree to collaborate.

Ervin Laszlo agrees to collaborate.

Stephen Fry writes about AoLG on Twitter:

stephenfry: Do you have something to say about the "Art" of Living? Then go to http://bit.ly/b5Ukzp to share. We could all use your advice...


Forum agrees to collaborate.
Spring 2010 www.artoflivingguide.org is launched.
Autumn 2009 Claire Elizabeth Terry, Oleguer Sarsanedas and Tim Woolfson agree to form the website project.

Federico Mayor Zaragoza agrees to be an Honorary Board Member of The Art of Living Guide.

Presentation of the project at El Triangle, in FNAC, Barcelona, in September and October.
Summer 2009 Claire Elizabeth Terry and Tim Woolfson, the MD of Profitable Web Projects, meet.
Autumn 2008 Claire meets Mikhail Gorbachev in Madrid, who dedicates several copies of the book.

The Art of Living - a Practical Guide to Being Alive is launched by Federico Mayor Zaragoza at Gaudi's La Pedrera in Barcelona, Spain, where Claire also presents The Art of Living Guide website idea.
Summer 2008 The Art of Living - a Practical Guide to Being Alive is published in English and Spanish.
Summer 2006 Many distinguished personalities also agree to contribute their thoughts: Desmond Tutu, Richard Branson, Mario Vargas Llosa amd Deepak Chopra, amongst others.
Spring 2006 Green Cross are selected as the NGO to which the proceeds of the book will be donated.

Mikhail Gorbachev agrees to contribute to the book, as does Michael Douglas.
Winter 2005-06 Claire begins contacting potential authors for contributions to the book.

The Dalai Lama agrees to contribute.

Several members of the United Nations' "Alliance of Civilizations" agree to contribute.
Autumn 2005 Josep, Agustín and Claire meet Federico Mayor Zaragoza, the former Director General of UNESCO (now Honorary Board Member of The Art of Living Guide NGO) who agrees to collaborate on the book.
Summer 2005 Claire and Oleguer meet with Agustín Pániker, the Director of Kairós Publishers, who agrees to publish the book in both Spanish and English (the first for Kairós), as well as to donate the profits to a designated NGO (as will Claire with her royalties).
Spring 2005 Josep Samarach, President of the Friends of UNESCO Barcelona, confirms that they will collaborate on the book. Josep and Oleguer suggest Kairós as potential publishers for the book.
Winter 2004 Claire reads Himalaya by Michael Palin, which, along with the 26th December Tsunami, compel her to compile the book, The Art of Living Guide - a Practical Guide to Being Alive.
Summer 2004 Claire Elizabeth Terry and Oleguer Sarsanedas meet at the Universal Forum of Cultures in Barcelona