The Sun

Rev Koichi Barrish, USA

(Submitted by the author)

Ueshiba Morihei O’Sensei, the great Shinto thinker and founder of the Art of Aikido said:

“Rise early in the morning to greet the Sun. Inhale and let yourself soar to the ends of the Universe; breath out and let the Cosmos inside. Next, breath up the fecundity and vibrance of Earth. Blend the breath of Earth and your own and become the breath of life itself. Your mind and body will be gladdened, depression and heartache will dissipate and you will be filled with light and gratitude.”

Mapudungun: The Earth Is Speaking

Armando Marileo Lefío, Chile

(Submitted by the author)

One of the most important achievements of our ancestors was the development of a communication system wholly reliant on the languages of the earth and nature, that is, natural codes, sounds, messages and means of communication.

In the cycle of the seasons or stages of the year, messages are constantly being delivered by birds, rivers, the rain and wind, leaves, and insects such as crickets. These messages can guide our actions, to the extent to which we are able to decode them. Otherwise we remain puzzled.

The Art of Living in the Wise Woman's Tradition

Kryta Deere, Canada

(Submitted by the author)

Shortly after Thanksgiving I buried my cat. Her brother had left two months earlier, after a long life of almost 20 years. They were my true companions and loyal friends, helping me over the most difficult but important period of my life and witnessing my transition from Mother and Career Woman into the stage of 'Wise Woman'.

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