The Time of Nothingness

Mayte Martín, Spain.

(Submitted by the author)

There is only one set of staves on which we can write our life's symphony. Only one pencil with which we can trace the outline of the map, which alone - and then only sometimes - can cheat destiny. Only one piece of clay with which to mould what we don’t want, in order never to forget what it looks like: the time of nothingness.

Patterns of Change

Simran Singh, USA

(Submitted by the author)

I very much remember getting into the fashion industry at age 8, going to the markets with my parents and watching them buy garments for a high end women’s apparel boutique. It was the seventies and many of the styles had influences of Indian fabrics, layering of various lengths, and colors that are all back once again ... wheels within wheels; cycles upon cycles. In fact this is the fourth time since the seventies that those trends are being seen, each subsequent time in a slightly new way.

This is why we are here

Oleguer Sarsanedas, Spain

(Submitted by the author)

The art of living, like the art of loving, is about listening to one's soul - that is, one's heart and consciousness. This is why we are here.

Seasons of the Soul

Mark Josephs-Serra, England

(Submitted by the author)

Traditionally, all communities gathered at least four times a year. Ritual gathering can re-attune a community to its core-note. Seasonal celebrations are not only about planting or harvesting. They are also about an archetypal intrapsychic cycle. Just as our moods can respond to sunshine and cloud cover, somehow we respond to the moods of the seasons. Just as nature pulls itself into itself in winter, in the darkness of winter we ourselves are re-conceived.

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