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Monday morning

Daryl Jean Searle, USA

(Submitted by the author)

Monday morning. This is how my brain is thinking. The Bible, simply encapsulated:
In the Old Testament, God was initially very happy. He created a beautiful, complex world. It was a complete fun package, an adventure playland.
In his workshop, he invented Adam and Eve. They were beautiful. They witnessed all seasons, and, though naked, were always comfortable.
The couple were in awe at the lush foliage surrounding them.
They didn't need shower stalls because they had pure lakes and streams.
They could play with wild animals.

Late blooming

Lee Woodruff, USA

(Submitted by The Art of Living team)

This is about my book. The book I always wanted to write and the writing process. Oh geez, you say. Boring. The writing process? ZZZZZZZZZ. I'm going to delete. And you may. But for any of you who have struggled to realize a dream or long held the notion that there is a finite time line for what you want to accomplish, hang on a tick. Stay with me. I am here to say that anything, really, is possible.

The Life We Want to Lead

Marlo Morgan, USA

(Submitted by Leila Marchli, Morocco)

Our words, our deeds, set the stage for the life we want to lead.


Annie McKee, USA

(Submitted by Jen Dummett, Canada)

I love my work. I mean I really LOVE my work. Do you? Are you creative and compelled to excel? Do you find happiness in relationships with your work friends and colleagues? Do you like being part of something bigger than yourself? Me too. Work is fun and meaningful and I am completely dedicated to writing, leading my team and advising leaders whom I respect.

How we spend our days

Annie Dillard, USA

(Submitted by The Art of Living Team)

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.


Malcolm X, USA

(Submitted by Jay Roberts, USA)

If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.

Are you sleepwalking?

Anthony de Mello, India

(Submitted by Courtney De Villiers, South Africa)

The scriptures are always hinting at this, but you'll never understand a word of what the scriptures are saying until you wake up. Sleeping people read the scriptures and crucify the Messiah on the basis of them. You've got to wake up to make sense out of the scriptures. When you do wake up, they make sense. So does reality.

Gift Culture

Charles Eisenstein, USA

(Submitted by The Art of Living Team)

Wherever I go and ask people what is missing from their lives, the most common answer (if they are not impoverished or seriously ill) is "community." What happened to community, and why don't we have it any more? There are many reasons - the layout of suburbia, the disappearance of public space, the automobile and the television, the high mobility of people and jobs - and, if you trace the "why's" a few levels down, they all implicate the money system.

To conquer fear

Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Switzerland

(Submitted by Anne Marie Benzimra, France)

So then, learn to conquer your fear. This is the only art we have to master nowadays: to look at things without fear, and to fearlessly do right.

Leafy Trees

Pan Guang, China

(Submitted by the author)

Our life is the prolongation of that of our ancestors and we progress in it following their footsteps. In turn, the life of our successors is a prolongation of our own: when the shoot we plant becomes a leafy tree, they will be able to sit in the freshness of its shade.

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