A Stanza of Sunlight

Arnab Jan Deka

Writer, poet, river engineer & social entrepreneur.

(Submitted by the author)

On the bald head of the dusty earth,
Ashwaklanta* bestowed a stanza of sunlight.

The moonlight uncovered her veiled white face,
Before the darkness had conferred invite.

Below wafted the perennial beats
of Sharangak* and Shrabana*,
Lovers together in dark contrite.

The sky embraced the cold ice sea
A perfect mirror, a moving epitome,
That eve it flew beyond the sun
To complete the quatrain time once begun.

(*Ashwaklanta — A historical holy place near Guwahati on the northern banks of the mighty River Brahmaputra, where, according to legend, God, on his way to elope with his Assamese bride Rukmini, took rest when his horse was tired.)
(*Sharangak and *Shrabana: Indian classical music.).

'A Stanza of Sunlight' transliterated by Tess Joyce.



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