• The Dalai Lama, Tibet

    Spiritual leader of the people of Tibet

  • Mikhail Gorbachev, Russia

    Former President of the Soviet Union and Founding President of Green Cross International.

  • Mayte Martín, Spain.

    Flamenco singer renowned for her elegance, versatility and artistic honesty, she embodies a highly individualistic and rebellious philosophy within the world of flamenco.

  • Ervin Laszlo, Hungary

    Systems philosopher, integral theorist, and classical pianist.

  • Mario Vargas Llosa, Peru

    Writer, Novelist and Nobel Prize Winner for Literature

  • Parvin Heydari Nassab, Iran

    Islamic illuminator and calligrapher. The first female instructor at the Iran School of Calligraphy, Tehran.

  • Acharya Mahapragya, India

    Jain monk, spiritual head and discoverer of Preksha meditation

  • Ama Reynolds, USA

    Ama lives two minutes from the Atlantic Ocean. A professional copywriter by day, she is currently working on a memoir, as well as a poetry collection.

  • Richard Branson, England

    Entrepreneur and founder of The Virgin Group.

  • Federico Mayor Zaragoza, Spain

    Former Director General of UNESCO, President for the Foundation for a Culture of Peace and Honorary Board Member, 'The Art of Living'.

  • Masaru Emoto, Japan

    Discovered that crystals formed in frozen water reveal changes when specific thoughts are directed towards them. Author of 'The Hidden Messages in Water'.