The Miracle of The Human Voice

Jocelyn Rasmussen, USA

Singer & musician. Supports people of all ages, interests and abilities, whether they are singers or speakers, to realize the full power of their voice. and

(Submitted by the author)

The miracle of the human voice is that it can express everything of which we are capable, and although a sound returns to the silence from which it is drawn the moment it is uttered or sung, it may resonate infinitely and eternally through consciousness. Though billions of people share the earth, every single human voice is utterly unique and identifies individuals as surely as their thumbprint.

At any given moment, there is a potential grace or gift that can be expressed by each of us and we may choose whether or not we share our ideas, feelings, or experience of the sacred. Indeed, there are times when we sense that silence is the gift being called. There are other times when we fall silent through fear, apathy or exhaustion. Though there will be other moments, other gifts, and other voices, if we withhold the grace that wants to speak or sing through us, it is forever lost. To willfully silence another is to deprive not only them but also ourselves of a gift.

In dense urban environments, our primary connection to the natural world that sustains us is other human beings. We may not be able to grow our own food or walk barefoot in the sand, but we can ground one another in words of wisdom and faith. We can bathe one another in laughter and inspiration. Our voices can sing the nature of creative source, as well as our human nature.

The voice not only enables us to communicate - it also enlivens us physically, it helps us to be emotionally balanced, it stimulates mental alertness, and it expresses our soul nature. As we listen, our bodies and minds become entrained to the rhythm and nature of the communicator’s delivery. The cycle of our breathing, our heart rate, blood pressure and our brain waves adjust to the pace of the performer’s expression. Whether we are expressing or listening, every aspect of our being may be enlivened or calmed by vocal communication. For this reason, the more conscious we are of the glory and potential of the human voice, the more powerfully alive we can be within ourselves and in our relationships with all of life.



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