A great adventure

David Loye, USA

Psychologist, evolutionary systems scientist and author.

(Submitted by the author)

The art of living, I’ve found, involves three things above all:

The first is the capacity to look upon life as a great adventure, in the worst as well as the best of circumstances.

The second is to recognize, and make the most of the fact, that life is a gamble. Sometimes luck is with you, sometimes it isn’t - the main thing is to persist and improve your hand.

The third is, in every way you can, do good in the world. Do it with a smile, a funny story, money, a loving touch, a meaningful compliment, a job, a helping hand - but do it.

To excel in the art of living involves a sense of an independent mission of importance in itself, like being the captain of a ship, but inextricably bound to the well-being and the good feeling of all aboard.



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