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Tina Hansen, Denmark: I created this painting, 'Alchemy Road', based on what I learned from a very lovely internet pal of mine. She introduced me to the alchemical 'thought' of how to see human development. So the 'person' became secondary and the symbols became the primary substance in the painting. Many people can recognize the seven chakra colors, and they were my biggest challenge, so 'Alchemy' became a stepping stone! Which is really what Alchemy is all about.
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Stephen Sadler, UK: "Life is one of those things, and many of us find it very difficult to avoid." Rowan Atkinson, as Sir Marcus Browning, MP:

Ann Holaday
This is a poem I wrote 30 years ago when I was at a turning point in my life. By this age of 28, I had experienced much pain and confusion concerning God and religion and this was what I came up with as far as what true happiness is:

The Way to Find Happiness

Today there is a way to find Happiness
Even though the chances look dim
Just open your eyes to Love in this life
and your happiness will surely begin

Yet it isn't so easy to see
this love that I'm speaking of
this word means so much to me
this word that we all call Love

There are so many ways to express
how you love your fellow man
We have to respect his needs
and learn to understand

Kindness, Consideration
Along with Compassion too
All of these things, we must first learn to give
Before Happiness will come to you.

Carlos Lorenzi, Barcelona, Spain: "For those who need everything in a maths format: Living = loving + reading + listening + thinking + ... (please complete)"

Derek Seaward, England: "The optimist wakes up.The pessimist is woken up."

Kari Lawrence, USA: "It's a shallow life that doesn't give a person a few scars.' Garrison Keillor. (American writer and broadcaster)."

Dan Williamson, England: "I can't remember the exact wording, but this pops into my mind whenever I'm my own worst enemy: 'If you argue for your limitations, congratulations ... they are yours to keep.' It's so easy to find excuses for a lack of effort, or for giving in to fearfulness ... this helps me to stretch myself ... sometimes."

Alison Jones, psychiatric nurse, Staffordshire Moorlands, England: "Love, support and understanding ... to live without any of these, the world would be a very sad place and with more we could take away the pain of the world."

Daniel Hugenholtz, England: "Money is not a critical measure of success, the happiness of those around you and close to you is."

Nikki Warnes, Life Consultant, England: "Wear your best smile everyday .. .if you dare :o)"

Joss Albert, England: "To all who are living: you are part of an unbroken chain from the very beginnings of the Earth, the Solar System and the Universe. Consider your place with pride and humility."

Philip Dundas, England: An A-Z to Anywhere

Age doesn’t make you old, your thinking does ~
Beauty is a talent that comes to those who desire it most ~
Children are a gift, not a possession ~
Drugs will always be a danger until we listen to those who take them ~
Education should teach young people what they can be, not what we think they ought to be ~
Friends are what define us. What could we be without them? ~
God is the name we give to the feelings for which we cannot find words ~
Hunting one animal with another is beneath human dignity~
Intelligence is a natural instinct, which like any other requires sharpening ~
Jesus is the most misrepresented man in history ~
Knowledge is utterly useless without understanding ~
Love is when you don’t count the days ~
Money is only one of the paths to prosperity ~
Never often comes ~
Ownership is universal. To each of us belongs the space we occupy at any given moment ~
Politics alone cannot administer to the needs of humanity ~
Questions are invariably the best places to find answers ~
Respect is something you earn - you cannot demand it ~
Sex is the great leveller, it’s what makes us all human ~
Tradition depends on your perspective of the past ~
Ugliness is a state of mind ~
Violence is the language of fear ~
World peace will be the inevitable victory of difference ~
Xenophobia is the expression of a nation’s low self-esteem ~
Yesterday was seldom as good as tomorrow ~
Zest is what you give back to life ~

Amadán Mór, England: The Blade

Some see only a story and read no meaning
Some think it unremarkable and never seek it
Some think it foolish and mock the mention of it
Some think it evil and chasten against it
Some worship it beyond comprehension
Some follow it but it leaves no path
Some claim to know it and sell the dream of it
Some sensed its presence and fear the memory of it
Some it has touched and made mad
None have stolen it or bought or won it
It brings no rewards though all seek its treasures
It has no power yet no effort can equal it
It is not in memory and not in hope
It is not in want or reckoning
It is passed to none yet to anyone found
It cannot be owned yet all possess it
It renders whole those who receive it
It rents asunder those who resist it
Any may ignore it but none escape it

(Excerpted from 'A Great Doubt' by Amadán Mór )

Image credit: Tina Hansen.



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