The day we stopped and watched the birds

(Submitted by The Art of Living Team)

One afternoon in the fall, my husband and I were walking through a parking lot with our four young children, on our way to a video arcade. As we got out of the car, we noticed that above us were a formation of beautiful birds everywhere, hundreds of them! We stopped to watch. It was a cold day and people were rushing in and out of their cars to get to where they were going. Some would look up for a moment and then go back to their business.

Others stood for a few minutes and then went on with their fast-paced lives, surely to accomplish, in my eyes, something far less perfect. Many noticed, because it was a definite miracle of nature, however, many missed the miracle. I noticed one small child point the sky out to her mother while her mother grabbed her hand and said "C'mon, lets go, we don't have time for this."

Don't have time? How could you not have time to watch something as beautiful as God's creation dancing, almost as a gift to you? For anyone who was watching, these birds were making quite a scene. My family watched. As my family and I stood there, looking up, not one of our children asked to hurry to get into the arcade. We just watched in awe, somehow knowing that this was a very special moment.

There were so many of them. I don't believe I have ever seen so many birds in one place at one time. And then something magical happened. The birds must have noticed us. At least that's what I choose to believe, that God showed us his gifts and how much good he has prepared for us, through these birds that day. They all at once, started doing an acrobatic show: flying fiercely toward each other in perfect formation, one group from the west, one from the east and then suddenly veering off into the other direction when it seemed as though they would surely collide.

Always perfectly formed together and never leaving the formation … not one bird strayed from the 'show.' The display that they put on for us lasted for a full 20 minutes. We just stood there and watched. It was amazing. My children and I talked about that experience for months.

How often has God showed you his wondrous gifts of life that have gone unnoticed? I recall one day seeing a balloon floating across the sky while I was driving. It had a big happy face on it. I wondered to myself, “H'mm, is this God's way of showing us that there is still so much beauty in this world and so much time for joy and laughter, if we would just stop for a moment and look around us?”

Well, that day we stopped and watched the birds and their gift to us and felt truly honored and blessed.



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