Messages from Mother

Ankya Klay, Norway

Designer and transformational photographer.

(Submitted by the author)

She spoke to me softly … "Go out and walk on my land and you will receive answers to your questions." I listened to her message and learnt that whenever I am in a place of indecision or not-knowing around a question, She will provide me with the answer. For it is in getting out of my mind and into my heart that the answers are to be found.

I put on my shoes and venture out across the land. I allow her energy to guide my footsteps, this way or that? She leads me to the place where she has an answer for me. I surrender to the process, knowing with my being that I am becoming one with Her Spirit. Sometimes it is to the woods we go, and in the soft undergrowth I perceive a magical configuration of leaves or plants in a perfect shape to teach me.

For example, once when I was feeling stifled in my relationship, I came across a tree all but strangled by the creeper entangling it ... I knew then, that it was healthy for me to take distance and seek my own breath of air again. With distance between us, we would both thrive in our own energies.

On another occasion, I looked up at the skies, and there were a perfect pair of beautiful pink fluffy wings before me, in the after-sunset brilliance of the evening light. Wings that I knew would transport me on my journey to spirit, for indeed I had just been guided to travel overseas to meet with kindred spirits and heal the ancestors.

Then, there was the time when I was on the shore and I saw my shadow reflected in the water. And I became aware of my watery nature ... I'd believed before that I was a solid being, but this image revealed to me my inner watery world and flow. When I flow with Her, I am always supported and guided.

One day I had a vision, a beautiful being curled in a foetal position, enveloped in the embrace of the loving earth, and I saw myself no longer alone on this earth to make my way, but surrounded by Her with every breath I take, with every leaf I see and sound of the wind I hear, She is with me Always. And to her, like a foetus I will return, to her soft earthy embrace when I breathe my last breath.

To be absorbed into Her Being, in the silence of the earth, to be reborn as new life in Her perfect time. For nothing is lost, there is no death, only transformation and evolution of consciousness.

All that has been is still with me always.

Image credit: Water Babe, by Ankya Klay.



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