The Mother of the World

Nicholas Roerich, Russia

1874 - 1947

Painter and philosopher

Toward that seven-starred constellation known as the Seven Sisters, the Seven Elders or the Great Bear, the consciousness of humanity has at all times been directed. The Scriptures extol this celestial sign and Buddhism’s sacred Trepitaka dedicates an imposing hymn to it. Ancient Magi and Egyptians carved it upon the stones. And the black faith of Shaman of the wild taiga (forest) paid their obeisance to it.

To another of heaven’s miracles, the constellation of Orion, which the wisdom of astronomers has named The Three Magi, were dedicated the ancient temples of mystery in Central Asia.

As a pair of iridescent wings, these two constellations are spread out across the firmament. Between them, darting headlong toward Earth, is the Star of the Morning, resplendent abode of the Mother of the World. By its dominating light, by its unprecedented approach, it foretells the new era of humanity.

Simplicity, Beauty, Fearlessness: so it is ordained! Fearlessness is our guide. Beauty is the ray of comprehension and upliftment. Simplicity is the sesame to the gates of the coming mystery.

From 'Theosophical Magazine' (1924).

Image credit: Star of the Mother of the World, Nicholas Roerich, 1924. Bolling Collection, Grand Haven, Michigan, USA



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