The power of love

Julie Raymond, USA

Author of 'We the Trees'.

(Submitted by the author)

Some years ago, with the help of two equally concerned women, I ran a modest Great Dane rescue operation from my home. Ten dogs passed through my hands in one year. Each dog had its own history of abuse, or neglect. One dog in particular was so emaciated that every bone in his spine pushed though his skin from the base of his neck to the top of his tail. He couldn’t even be neutered until he gained weight. He was nearly fully grown, unruly, and wild.

In human terms, he was a toddler with a hammer. I fell deeply in love with him and named him Winston.

Winston came into my care when the city animal shelter called me. They’d picked him up twice before, and this impoundment would end in euthanasia. They said he was a nuisance in his old neighborhood, where he ran loose and scared people. No wonder. Emaciated or not, a dog large enough to look an adult straight in the eye when he stands on his hind legs is a scary fellow.

When I first saw him, Winston was lying curled up in a ball on the cold concrete floor of his kennel. He was depressed beyond any interest in human affairs. In truth, he seemed to be depressed beyond interest in life. He wouldn’t look up or turn around, not even when I gently coaxed him. Looking at him, I wept. Then I vowed he would never be put into this situation again.

Winston spent six months in my home. He was the most intelligent dog I have ever known. His aloofness quickly changed to enthusiasm and he became a companion who enjoyed lying in a gigantic ball on my lap, with his big gray head on my shoulder.

Today, I’m happy to report, Winston lives the life of a country gentleman with two chiropractors in Washington. Animals have taught me incredibly valuable lessons. Healing is possible and a few can do great things with very little effort when driven by the power of love.



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