Communication: the essence of life

Morgine Jurdan, USA

Communicates with, and channels animals and nature in her business, 'Communications With Love', inspiring more loving relationships with animals and nature.

(Submitted by the author)

Communication is an endless stream of energy, existing throughout all realities and realms of existence, endlessly transmitting different kinds of information from one source to another.

How would your life be different if you KNEW you could, and are, communicating with everything around you all the time? What if you suddenly realized everyone and everything received your thoughts the moment you thought them, including your beloved animal friends, your plants, your car and computers? What if, every part somehow knew what the other part was doing and in actuality, words were not even necessary, only “optional”? How would your actions and words and life be different from this moment on?

I live from this place of Being now, considering these thoughts as I interact with people every day, whether in my physical presence or thousands of miles away. It affects how I talk and think and behave and honor each particle of creation with which I share my life, be it plant, animal, human or even man-made. It shifts all of my perceptions and how I consider the part I play here in this magical plane of existence.

It is said the Universe could be recreated from one cell and I now understand how. A hair falls from my head onto the ground, eventually composting into soil, perhaps eaten by a worm, which is eaten by a bird living in an apple tree. The worm becomes part of the bird’s body, whose excrements are absorbed into the tree, which eventually grows apples I eat, and later become part of my own physical body once again. Each cell being a part of God, knows how to become anything, endlessly recreating itself.

Just where do “I” end, and you begin - or the trees in my front yard, the moon, birds, rivers, the planet? If God/Spirit created this universe and all that is in it, then IT is experiencing itself through each one of its creations! That is “why” the seasons flow as they do, with each animal and insect knowing what to do. This is “why” half of the population living in Portland, Oregon does not go to the same café on Saturday morning for coffee and create chaos!

At some level, each part is already communicating with all the other parts. There really are No Secrets. It is only a game we can choose to play or not. When you suddenly gaze out at the world around you and recognize you are truly “a part of it all,” and a Unique piece of this great Oneness, your life will change dramatically. When you love yourself, all of life benefits. When you see yourself in everything, then how could you want anything except the best for them, just as you want it for yourself? Just thinking loving thoughts blesses all of creation. Harm the planet, an animal, yourself, we all suffer in this interconnected world. Live as Love and the world is transformed in an instant.



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