(Submitted by The Art of Living Team)

We all try to manifest things through our intentions, sometimes they work, but more often, they don't. This is because we are in our ego, rather than higher consciousness, when we intend. But how do we change that?

I propose a four stage process: an intention must start with the ego since that is where we ordinarily are, local, selfish. At the second stage, we intend for everyone to go beyond selfishness. We don’t need to worry, we haven’t lost anything. When we say “everyone” that includes us, too. In the third stage, we allow our intentions to become a prayer: if my intention resonates with the intention of the whole, of quantum consciousness, then let it come to fruition. At the fourth stage, the prayer must pass into silence, become a meditation.

To manifest, not only do we have to actively intend, but also have to learn to passively wait. Maybe the intended object will come to us. That’s why I recommend that we end in silence, waiting.

If we wait too long, however, we may forget what we were intending. So we cut short the waiting and become active again in our search. In this way, the real secret of manifestation is an alternation between doing and being. I sometimes call this a do-be-do-be-do lifestyle. In India, we are in a be-be-be lifestyle, haven’t you noticed? In America and the West, of course, it is do-do-do. The connoisseur of manifestation via intention-making takes the middle path, do-be-do-be-do.

There is one final secret: how do we know what consciousness intends so we can align our intention with it? The answer is creative evolution. Consciousness intends to evolve us toward greater good for everyone through creative evolution.



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