Ted Gup, USA

Journalist and author of 'A Secret Gift'. www.asecretgiftbook.com

(Submitted by The Art of Living Team)

An editor and mentor once told me I was "Wobbly”. I asked who else was in that category and drew comfort from its quirky ranks. They were good people all - open-minded, inquisitive and, yes, confused. We shared a common creed. Our articles of faith all ended with a question mark. I wouldn’t want a whole newsroom, hospital, platoon, or - God forbid - a nation of us.

But in periods of crisis, when passions are high and certainty runs rabid, it’s good to have a few of us on hand. In such times, I believe it falls to us Wobblies to try and hold the shrinking common ground.

Image credit: Bill Dan. www.rock-on-rock-on.com



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