The Art of Listening to the Morning

Paddy McLaughlin, USA

Midwife for The Center of Peace, Fargo, North Dakota, USA.

(Submitted by the author)

In the stillness of early morning,
Spirit speaks to me in quiet repose.
Somehow it seems easier to touch my own
when the rest of the world is
and only the birds and the wind
speak ...
It is as if nature has its time alone
with the Divine,
to reset the tempo of the
Long-legged spider moves softly
Through long-legged grass.
An endless dance of passion between
old friends.
I watch and listen and receive
my soul's direction.


The haunting call of the loon is
answered by the cocky caw of the crow.
News is spread.
The dragonfly is here one moment
darts through a time portal
to remind me that time
is an illusion.
And the illusion is the exquisite smile
of the Divine,
delighting Itself in Its creations.
I feel this delight and know that I too
am a part of It.
I hold the peace of the morning in the memories of my heart,
Mine to use when the world awakes
to the struggles of a new day
and I need
to remember.

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Submitted by Kendra on Mon, 01/23/2012 - 21:30.

So happy for you, Paddy - and proud to call you my friend. Delight yourself in this triumph and open your heart to those yet to come. Life is good, isn't it?

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