The Law of Time

(Submitted by The Art of Living Team)

It is the Law of Time that governs the entirety of the biosphere and everything else in the universe, according to principles that are known only dimly to us, principles like synchronicity and telepathic instantaneity. The Law of Time is formulated very simply, and in some people’s way of thinking, rather unscientifically as T(E)=Art, “energy factored by time equals art.”

All phenomena in the material world represent some state of energy, and every state of energy is governed by time, the resultant product of which is always something beautiful or elegant. Have you ever seen an ugly sunset? A hideous flower? Even if you examine a scorpion with some objectivity you will be amazed at the flawless and elegant manner in which its parts are organized. Yes, all of nature is organized by time to produce in you the sensation of beauty. And time itself, well, believe it or not, time is a frequency, and a frequency is not measurable by a clock. The Law of Time states that time is the universal frequency of synchronization.

It is the nature of time to synchronize and to maintain all things in a condition of synchronization. Synchronicity, then, is the experience of real time. When we say that time is a frequency, we can be more precise and say that time is a universal constant expressible by the mathematical ratio 13:20. That is, the 13:20 ratio is the frequency of synchronization.

Of course, most people have never even heard of the Law of Time, much less comprehend what the 13:20 ratio might mean. But then, that again gets to the root of the problem, or rather, the dilemma: if humans are living in their own time apart from the rest of the biosphere which is governed by the natural timing frequency, how could they ever know about the Law of Time? The humans are all a little like Mrs. Malaprop in the play by Molière who learns to her surprise that she has been using grammar all of her life – though it is much more serious than that. So we humans are with the Law of Time – it has been operating throughout history without our awareness of it.

Artificial timing
Living in ignorance of the Law of Time and of the true nature of time, the human species constructed its own concept of time which is based on the clock with its 60-minute hour and the Gregorian calendar with its maddening array of unevenly numbered months. Hence, the paradigm of the artificial timing frequency is defined by the ratio 12:60 (twelve-month calendar, 60-minute hour) – in contrast to the 13:20 ratio of natural time. If the artificial mechanistic and irregularly measured time sets the human race apart from true natural time, does this not also establish the fact that the human race is living an error in time? Is it possible that the entire construct of modern civilization, so devastating to the biosphere, is a function of this error in time? Is modern civilization like a time warp, a bubble of artificial time that suddenly will get popped?

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