Out of control

Carlos Barrios, Guatemala

Mayan priest, historian, anthropologist, researcher, and expert in the Sacred Maya Calendar.

(Submitted by The Art of Living Team)

Consciousness is important. We must begin to see ourselves in proportion to where we are in creation and consciousness. When our calendar is based on actions that are in tune with creation and consciousness, we'll be free from the stress of how much we can produce in a workday. When our consciousness is in tune with creation, we will be one with the universe. Right now, our consciousness is speeding faster and faster.

People's minds are speeding up. But mind is not consciousness. Our minds are what allow us to make decisions, but right now our minds are based entirely on this silly Gregorian calendar.
Our consciousness is creation, which includes all. We need to step out of our human-centered view of the world to see this - to see how narrow our minds are.

Our minds are speeding up, just as everything surrounding us is speeding up. Just in the blink of an eye, we went from writing on clay tablets to emailing across the globe, and from walking to flying. Every day, we're discovering yet another way to go faster. It is hard for our minds to keep up with this pace. Actually, they're already far behind, and this is why we feel so much stress. Our minds cannot keep up with a computer. Our creations have already passed the speed of our minds.

Every day, we invent machines that produce more, computers that go faster, and new ways of communicating electronically. All the while, the rest of creation is moving at a different speed. That speed is increasing, too, but at a rate much slower than the rate that humans are creating.

Think of it this way: just in our short lifetimes, we've seen the invention of the cell phone. Soon after that, everyone seemed to have one. Quickly after that, you could send pictures, now you can send email and surf the internet from your mobile phone. It is all moving faster and faster - who knows what will come next? But look outside your window to that tree that grows.

Is that tree growing faster now than when you were a kid? Does the robin sitting on the branch fly faster than its parents did? Does it still take nine months for human pregnancy? You see, what is speeding out of control is what humans are creating - including the species itself.

Every day, the speed at which the human population grows is increasing. Soon it will be more than Mother Earth can bear. Humans are out of sequence to that which Mother can provide. So what must be corrected is the silly need to go faster, to always produce more than yesterday.

We need to stop our destructive compulsion to create faster than Mother and get back in tune with creation, synchronizing our time, our rate of material change, back to the time of Mother - to change our concept of time away from the rate of change of what humans can produce and towards the level of our awareness of consciousness.

Just as an insect that lives only for weeks or months experiences time differently than a whale that lives to be a hundred years old, so humans who are in touch with their Mother may also experience the passage of time as it relates to the galaxy and omniverse.

Humans also have the capacity to experience time through the actions of creation as they pertain to human consciousness. This was known to human cultures such as the Maya. They did not experience time through the Gregorian calendar or by how many goods they could produce during a revolution of the earth around the sun. Their temporal reality was based on cycles of creation.

What we can do is to align our daily actions to the acts of creation, as they apply to human beings and also to Mother, who provides us with life. In doing so, we will at the same time align with actions of creation in the grander temporal scheme of our galaxy and omniverse: opening our minds and our consciousness to the actions of creation which govern human life, not only those actions created by human minds, which have been our main focus up till now.

Acts of creation for a butterfly, for example, include life as a larva, pupa, butterfly, and finally acts of reproduction. Acts of creation for a pine tree include sprouting from a seed, growing toward the sun, dropping pine cones and finally merging with the soil of the Mother. Human acts include breathing and reproducing, but our complex organisms also allow us to experience feelings and emotions, intuition and the consciousness of being aware that we are aware.

All of these acts of creation - and many more - are pulses of creation that we can align with in a way that turns our lifestyles away from the business calendar and toward a more conscious way of life.

When we incorporate this with what we have already learnt with our minds, we will then be at a new starting point for discovering non-ordinary states of consciousness and what can be learned from them.



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