The Time of Nothingness

Mayte Martín, Spain.

Flamenco singer renowned for her elegance, versatility and artistic honesty, she embodies a highly individualistic and rebellious philosophy within the world of flamenco.

(Submitted by the author)

There is only one set of staves on which we can write our life's symphony. Only one pencil with which we can trace the outline of the map, which alone - and then only sometimes - can cheat destiny. Only one piece of clay with which to mould what we don’t want, in order never to forget what it looks like: the time of nothingness.

I know very little about many things. I’ve dedicated the majority of my life to learning from myself, through those reactions which created a sense of alienation in me: through what I heard, what I saw ... I dedicated time to this which I ‘should’ have used to learn which were the highest mountains in the world, or which river bathed which land. You could even say that I dedicated too much time to it, if it weren’t for the fact that time has its own dimensions, unalterable, and we only become aware of the true treasure contained within it when we have a clear understanding of how we’d like to fill it. And to discover this, we need it to be empty, transparent, neutral: the time of nothingness.

Music is the vehicle which I use to express my way of seeing life, my idea of freedom, and to champion the ‘logic’ of my soul. And there is something fundamental in my life, which I also consider to be fundamental in the lives of all human beings, because it’s absolutely essential to be aware of what this logic is: the time of nothingness.

I am not afraid of being wrong, because my mistakes always come from a freely-made, well thought-out decision. Those mistakes which are freely-made are welcome. I’m only afraid of inertia. Of not spending time taking decisions. Of not giving myself time to discover that I must take them. That time passes and they take me.

My greatest fear is that things become a part of my life against my will and wishes, because I wasn't aware that I didn’t want them.

There is only one thing that my happiness and freedom could never give up, because without it they simply wouldn’t exist: the time of nothingness.

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