What is 'The Art of Living'?

(Claire: re-write, as deadly boring and pompous at mo'!):
A website where people from all over the world share their thoughts on those aspects of being alive which we ALL have in common (irrespective of our religious or cultural backgrounds): in other words, ‘pooling our resources’, so that, in very practical ways, we can all help each other learn more about the ‘art’ of being alive.

We've begun by including just some of them, and would like to invite you to write in with your own experiences and thoughts on how best to deal with any of these aspects of being alive which we all share ... and, of course, to suggest any new ones! The contributions can take the form of an essay, poem, music, video ... or just a few lines to the forum ... Please write! We need you to help us provide a practical database for the world, and created by her peoples, on what it means to be alive.


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