Brit'ne Julyan, USA

Writer: "When I was five, my mother and I wrote a story, one which I'm still trying to get published. I've been adding to my repertoire ever since ..."

  • Moments

    Brit'ne Julyan, USA

    (Submitted by the author)

    no two alike,
    fall to an open hand,
    but before the eye can focus on the shapes of them -
    they’re gone.

    a moment of grace,
    translating inspiration,
    unpredictable and evanescent.

    left to traverse the essence of being
    that yearns for hands that can hold
    and time that is stopped by new eyes,
    which in one breath will lose their light.

    Leaving one searching, though preoccupied,
    Constantly interrupted,
    The heart beats,
    The body breathes,
    The soul waits,

    Looking down dark alleys,

  • In silence

    Brit'ne Julyan, USA

    (Submitted by the author)

    In silence you create me gradually,
    as a wind invariably creates a mood.

    You hold my evolution to the day,
    translating the purpose of the past
    to an impression of no consequence,
    you arrest my profound uncertainty.

    Regarding the pretense of my demeanor
    with absolute recognition,
    you remain captivated by what cannot be perceived,
    allowing that which is inseparable,
    providing a place

    Where, grounded in your essence I venture,
    realize the inconceivable
    and journey in your most even moments