Dawat Lupung, Malaysia

Spokesperson for the Penan tribe, Borneo Rain Forest

  • A Message from The Penan

    Dawat Lupung, Malaysia

    Not long ago, we were happy.
    Things were good.
    Our fish were clean. Our food was pure.
    Our way of life staying in the forest was good.

    As things are now, we are in difficulty.
    The land is being destroyed.
    Many open places.

    These plants are our medicines.
    If we ask for medicines from the government,
    they give us Panadol. It is already spoiled.
    The more we take, the sicker we become.
    This is what we don't like.

    We are content to stay on this land,
    to make our shelters in this forest.
    This is a good life.
    But if all these trees are gone,