The Cat and the Plane

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Why do we always assume that when someone dies they have ceased to exist on the 'earth-plane' (so to speak) and are in heaven, being reincarnated - or simply don't exist anymore? Could it not be that they do still exist on the 'earth-plane', but within a realm which simply requires a different kind of perception to the one which we're normally used to using?

To give an example: a cat can see the shape of an airplane in the sky - and hear it - but doesn't realise (we don't think!) that it's, let's say, an Air France Boeing 747, unlike a person observing the same plane. - By the same token, just because we humans can't perceive something, doesn't mean that it's not happening or doesn't exist!

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Submitted by Claire Terry on Tue, 10/26/2010 - 19:14.

25th October, 2010: Keith Anderson-Wardrope, South Africa:
Of course, their molecules stay behind & are absorbed into everything, we all have a bit of Jesus in our bodies for instance & then at some point a bit of Hitler as well.......... Nobody ever ceases to exist, all is recycled............

25th October, 2010 at 15.38: Keith Anderson-Wardrope, South Africa: And, only some people assume................. Not everyone & not always..............

25th October, 2010 at 16.53: Claire Elizabeth Terry:
H'mm, very interesting point, Keithy! Hadn't thought of that! - And you're absolutely right - not EVERYONE assumes - and not always - thank God! X

25th October, 2010 at 16.55: Keith Anderson-Wardrope, South Africa:
And, don't forget, we are all children of the sun, literally, all energy on Earth is a little piece of sunshine, ask the new lead singer for Depeche Mode, Sir Stephen Hawking!

25th October, 2010 at 17.07: Claire Elizabeth Terry:
Ha ha! BTW, Keith, have you read: ? (Says practically the same thing ...) V interesting ... xxx

25th October, 2010 at 17.20: Keith Anderson-Wardrope, South Africa:
I know, right?! Haven't read that, but I will!

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