Monday morning

Daryl Jean Searle, USA

Mentor Coach for School of Ministry Graduates at Water Of Life Community Church, Southern California, USA

(Submitted by the author)

Monday morning. This is how my brain is thinking. The Bible, simply encapsulated:
In the Old Testament, God was initially very happy. He created a beautiful, complex world. It was a complete fun package, an adventure playland.
In his workshop, he invented Adam and Eve. They were beautiful. They witnessed all seasons, and, though naked, were always comfortable.
The couple were in awe at the lush foliage surrounding them.
They didn't need shower stalls because they had pure lakes and streams.
They could play with wild animals.
They could look upward and name stars at will, and giggle about it.

They didn't dread going to work on Mondays.
Adam and Eve had no Day Planners or e-calendars, no over-crowded lifestyles to manage.
Then they messed up, ate the only restricted food in the world and forced God to invent the word 'sin'.
And they changed the playland forever.

Their kids also messed up.
God tried to reach future generations with obedient guys like Moses and Noah, to speak loudly for God.
He laid out rules for rightful living. He even had a do-over with a massive flood.

Then he made himself in the form of a human named Jesus, who proclaimed he was the Son of God.
This great motivator and public speaker did miraculous things.
His anointed disciples became his ghost writers.
They spread the Word about how to live rightly and kindly.
This became a New Testament to God's will for people to straighten up.
Jesus was murdered. But, since he was also God, He could be dead physically, but enter into people's minds, reinvented, as the Holy Spirit, and motivate them to goodness.
Some people joined the righteous bandwagon.
Still others partied too heavily, worshipping golden calves and feet.

God had to send Jesus, because in the Old Testament of Life, he was getting a migraine and ulcers.
During that time, he'd even invented Solomon, a really smart king who was an outstanding writer and speaker.
He could hear God in his brain.
Solomon had a big staff of messengers who could spread God's Word of Goodness.
That powerful communication system just didn't penetrate far and wide enough, however, because people continued to mess up.
And still, through more generations, people sinned, and were mean-spirited.

So in our modern times, God invented many great communicators, all expressing God's will and love for us.
We've been gifted communication technology as well, so that God can use these public messengers, and so many more, to speak of God's goodness and how he wants us to get our act together.
We can be feeling lousy and mean-spirited, then be anointed in our mind with the Holy Spirit, and God will turn our dark side into a bright messenger's mind.

In conclusion, God just wants us to do right, feel love, share, have fun, be smart and not sin.
We have the Bible in a zillion languages, and messengers, both public and intimate, so we can communicate globally about goodness and be nice to each other.
Our lives can never be as perfect as Adam and Eve's, because they messed up paradise.
But we can be nicer, and we can have the powerful mind of a king to rule over goodness, not evil, if we want to.
It's our gift of free will.

So, today, we will mess up, as God knows. He just wants us to try harder to be good and kind, to pass it on, and pay it forward.
I know it's Monday. But could you just take some time today, and a little bit throughout the week, to speak of and live in goodness?
I believe that's what God has been trying to teach us for generations, and through the Bible.

Image credit: 'Garden Path at Giverny', by Claude Monet, 1902.



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