Daryl Jean Searle, USA

Mentor Coach for School of Ministry Graduates at Water Of Life Community Church, Southern California, USA

  • Darkness

    Daryl Jean Searle, USA

    (Submitted by the author)

    No vitamin D.
    Lots of shadows.
    Branches speak.
    The moon beams.

    People creep.
    Books are shut.
    Doors are locked.
    Not a mouse stirs.

    Seeking light.
    Glowing teeth.
    Streets are silent.
    No heartbeat.

    Restless heart.
    Give me dawn.
    Ray of light.
    Jazz and java.

    Image credit: www.newemangelization.com

  • Stop. Drop. Roll.

    Daryl Jean Searle, USA

    (Submitted by the author)

    A beautiful autumn day.

    My heart painted blue.

    Can’t shake that feeling.

    What to do?

    Pull up your chin.

    Fight back those tears.

    Shuffle both feet through this mound of leaves.

    Listen to the symphony in the trees.

    Smile at that grass carpet all around.

    Groomed like a dapper prom boy.

    See the elderly couple that swoons.

    Ah, the power of an iron bench.

    Approach that hill with the top hat of leaves.

    Don’t overthink.

    Just do.




  • Nomad's new dawn

    Daryl Jean Searle, USA

    (Submitted by the author)

    I've finally stopped to rest and gaze at this new planet where my spaceship of time continuum has touched down, for now. There are new vistas, palm trees and pink blossoms ... fresh sounds: a lone bird chirps and a single rooster crows.

    Morning has broken. My soul is still intact.

    I'll give thanks to God for his everlasting mercy, temporary shelter, lessons learned, stories yet untold, and take in these sights and sounds anew.

    I'll share the spirit of Ecclesiastes: for every season, there is a time under the sun: to breathe, just breathe.

  • Monday morning

    Daryl Jean Searle, USA

    (Submitted by the author)

    Monday morning. This is how my brain is thinking. The Bible, simply encapsulated:
    In the Old Testament, God was initially very happy. He created a beautiful, complex world. It was a complete fun package, an adventure playland.
    In his workshop, he invented Adam and Eve. They were beautiful. They witnessed all seasons, and, though naked, were always comfortable.
    The couple were in awe at the lush foliage surrounding them.
    They didn't need shower stalls because they had pure lakes and streams.
    They could play with wild animals.