Martin Olson, USA

Martin Olson writes for Disney Studios. His satirical book ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF HELL is available at:

  • The Endocrinologist

    Martin Olson, USA

    endocrinology is my field
    he said significantly
    politeness dictated I look up
    into his proud face

    Oh? I mouthed faintly
    fearing elaboration
    But Oh? was all he needed
    he began his speech as if by rote
    the words disintegrating
    into the dullest endocrinal
    esoterica imaginable

    it had an unexpected
    anesthetic effect
    I touched the cold window
    of the train with my forehead
    and watched the geometry
    of the world hurl by
    glimpsed through the surreal
    blizzard while his voice
    droned and chanted
    like a devoted monk

    the snowflakes multiplied
    glutting the pane with ice

  • Perfect Perfection

    Martin Olson, USA

    (Submitted by the author)

    her interior eyes
    opened in sleep
    and a man of perfect
    strength and tenderness
    carried her off brusquely
    through a columned threshold
    her black high heels flailing
    plucked from the sterile womb
    of dictation at Schwab and Goldstein
    and into the depths of ineffable
    orgasmic romance
    although a dream
    it was more real than reality
    not perfection
    but rather
    perfect perfection
    dreaming he was at his desk
    a mathematician saw himself
    solving the Hodge Conjecture
    that certain de Rham
    cohomology classes are
    algebraic, the sums of