Homage to Water: A Song to Praise You

Masaru Emoto, Japan

(Submitted by the author)

You are the one who continues to give the energy of life so generously to all animals and plants. Thank you.

You are the one who nourishes heaven and earth, the one who creates oceans, lakes, and rivers, the one who creates all life. Thank you.

Sometimes you hold your energy by becoming ice, hard and cold, sometimes releasing it by dancing in the sky as mist or cloud, and sometimes you permeate the soil by becoming rain or snow, healing our Gaia. A broad and magnanimous heart, like God. Thank you.

The Art of Living in the Wise Woman's Tradition

Kryta Deere, Canada

(Submitted by the author)

Shortly after Thanksgiving I buried my cat. Her brother had left two months earlier, after a long life of almost 20 years. They were my true companions and loyal friends, helping me over the most difficult but important period of my life and witnessing my transition from Mother and Career Woman into the stage of 'Wise Woman'.

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