Messages from Mother Earth

The day we stopped and watched the birds


(Submitted by The Art of Living Team)

One afternoon in the fall, my husband and I were walking through a parking lot with our four young children, on our way to a video arcade. As we got out of the car, we noticed that above us were a formation of beautiful birds everywhere, hundreds of them! We stopped to watch. It was a cold day and people were rushing in and out of their cars to get to where they were going. Some would look up for a moment and then go back to their business.

Pink Moments

Connie Spittler, USA

(Submitted by the author)

The Southwestern artist Georgia O’Keeffe said, “It’s my mountain. God told me if I painted it often enough, I could have it.”

Now in Tucson, Arizona, I gaze at the Catalina Mountains. Today, dark peaks nine thousand feet high rise up and over the cloud strings that wind through the crannies, leading to our personal Shangri La.

In 1540, the Spanish explorer Francisco de Coronado and his expedition trekked through Arizona from Mexico in search of Seven Golden Cities of Gold. They didn’t find the cities, but instead, discovered the Catalina Range.

To cut down a tree

Ven. O. Sobhita Maha Thero, Sri Lanka

The one who cuts down a tree is a traitor. The Buddha said: cut the forest but not the trees - the forest within: violence, hatred, greed.”

Alive and speaking

Howard Lotsof, USA

The plants are alive and they are speaking to us all the time. We just need to find a way to listen to them.

The Mother of the World

Nicholas Roerich, Russia

Toward that seven-starred constellation known as the Seven Sisters, the Seven Elders or the Great Bear, the consciousness of humanity has at all times been directed. The Scriptures extol this celestial sign and Buddhism’s sacred Trepitaka dedicates an imposing hymn to it. Ancient Magi and Egyptians carved it upon the stones. And the black faith of Shaman of the wild taiga (forest) paid their obeisance to it.

According to Nature

Daniel Domingo López, Mayan Mam Community, Guatemala

Our aim is to live according to nature: we’ve been here for thousands of years and here you have the natural resources, intact.

Your thoughts on: The Sky

Sheila Damiani, California, USA:

Let the shadows pass.
As the shadows pass,
The light breaks through the darkness:
Let inspiration pierce the sky!
Let it pass,
Let it pass.
My piece of sky contains everything that
My awareness needs to help me fly!


Mara Freeman, England

Until the 20th century, many people had encounters with faeries and lived side by side with them in quite a natural way. Some of these faery-seers descended from generations of country-dwellers who kept the old beliefs intact; others were visionaries, poets, and artists who refused to be influenced by the modern, materialistic worldview that, in William Blake's words, can only "see with, not thru, the eye."

Every living thing

Jane Goodall, England

Every living thing on this planet is part of a Spiritual Being.


Chris Hedges, USA

Earl Shaffer, adrift after serving in the South Pacific in World War II and struggling with the loss of his childhood friend Walter Winemiller during the assault on Iwo Jima, made his way to Mount Oglethorpe in Georgia in 1947. He headed north toward Mount Katahdin in Maine and for the next 124 days, averaging 16.5 miles a day, beat back the demons of war. His goal, he said, was to ‘‘walk the Army out of my system.’’ He was the first person to hike the full length of the Appalachian Trail.

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