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In order to manifest the world we so desire, we must first choose to create from a place of love, rather than react from a place of fear. When we come from a place of fear, that fear will cancel the positive intention we send out to the universe. Said another way, no matter what we intend to happen, if it is driven from that place of fear, we will find our intention lost in that fear.

So, in order to create from a place of love, we must first create that love vibration within ourselves. It may take many attempts to raise our personal vibratory fields to one of love, as we are constantly bombarded with negative energy from a world intent on keeping us small. Be patient and kind with yourself as you practice.

As you begin to lift your field to the heart vibration of love, you see and feel the power to create that which you so desire. During my near-death experience I was given several key points that have facilitated the lifting of my personal energy field. These practices enrich your life and lift you to the highest vibration of love, compassion, empathy and forgiveness. These points are simple to follow but take diligence as you practice.

There are three simple truths that have lifted my own personal vibratory field. They are as follows:

Perform random acts of kindness; the very act of doing so creates our reality.

Find your earthly joy, then experience that joy with child-like abandon. Once you find that joy and live it fully alive, be thankful and full of gratitude for the wonderful human experience you have just been blessed to have.

Surround yourself with the tonal vibrations of love. That is, listen to music that resonates at the vibration you are seeking. Playing music that has the tonal resonance of joy acts to set the bar for where you intend your personal vibrational field to ascend.

Like attracts like and when you play uplifting music, it literally calls to your soul to ascend to that level.



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